Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Ultra-thin Corn Pads
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Ultra-thin Corn Pads

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What it is:
Pads made with 100% corn topsheet, super-thin yet powerful.

Why it's special: 
The first of its kind, our pad features a corn topsheet that’s naturally hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals, keeping you comfortable even in your most sensitive areas. With a Japanese super absorbent core, it locks blood in quickly and keeps leaks away.
  • Ultra-gentle on sensitive skin
  • Made super thin
  • 3X more dry than cotton
  • Biodegradable & planet-friendly topsheet

See how we fare against your current pad: 

    Pads Sizing Chart

    Pads Sizing Chart

    Key Benefits

    Ultra-gentle on skin

    Our smooth and breathable corn layer keeps rash, irritation, and discomfort away – unlike plastic pads that may cause chafing or scrunching

    Barely-there comfort

    Made super thin for a barely-there feel, we've crafted each layer to be as thin as possible while giving you the highest performance

    3X drier than cotton

    Stay worry-free with our 100% Corn topsheet and GushDry™ Anti-Leak Japanese core. They work in tandem to quickly capture sudden gushes, keeping you dry all day long

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The first of its kind, our Ultra-thin Corn Pads are crafted with a 100% biodegradable corn topsheet, making them naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Being naturally skin-friendly, they provide soft, breathable comfort so you can go about your day without feeling any irritation. Containing zero chlorine, phthalates, fragrance, dyes, rayon or wood pulp, it’s free of harmful chemicals – keeping your body and most sensitive areas safe. 

    While our pads were not designed specifically for incontinence, some of our customers have used our products for light bladder leaks. 

    We recommend changing it every 4 to 6 hours, though you can change it more often depending on your needs. Do what makes you the most comfortable – everyone’s bodies, flows and lifestyles vary; all of which can make a difference as to how often you’ll need to change your pad or even the kind of pad you may prefer!

    Our pads are pH balanced, and come without any prints or scents. They have a pH of 5-6, matching the ideal pH of healthy skin. This allows your body to not only maintain its own pH balance through natural processes, but also its defenses against most harmful bacteria – which helps to reduce the probability of yeast infections!

    We use a non-toxic adhesive for our pads.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 86 reviews
    See Toh Grace
    amazing products

    started using the heat pads since ages ago, and just recently tried the corn pads; they are truly amazing. so comfortable and absorbent! love the inspiring packaging too. u guys make periods a little less of a pain in the ass. thank you, team! ❤️

    Priscilla George

    Its been great since I switched to the corn pads and liners. They dont have any side effects of itching and discomfort. Definitely better than the big brands out there! Thanks for being a life saver!

    Shaf Is
    Makes Period Phase Comfier

    blood's corn pads are sticks really well onto my underwear - and the design of the pad is such that it supports the butt area as well so it doesn't leak there too! feels comfy and absorbs well.

    Nurul Ain
    Great BLOOD Absorption

    BLOOD has a unique GushDry technology, it absorbs very quickly leaving you feeling dry and lesser spreading throughout the pad.

    Comfortable, hypoallergenic & lessen unpleasant smells!

    I bought these pads on a whim, kinda desperate to try an alternative since most other mainstream brands don’t really work for my sensitive skin. Now, I’ve been using these pads for 3 months - I noticed that my skin is not irritated, I feel fresher on heavy flow days and it’s quite thin, so it gives that “barely there” feeling. I’m a total convert now! Try it for yourself!

    Belinda Ariffin
    Everything I bought, I loved.

    From the pads, to the pantyliner, to the heat packs. Everything works well for me and I'll definitely be repurchasing everything!

    Melanie D’Oliveiro
    Comfortable and fast delivery

    These pads are so comfortable and thin I sometimes forget I’m wearing them, even on heavy flow days. Delivery is also very fast. I don’t have to overstock too much in advance anymore, which is great.

    Rowena Ravenclaw
    Excellent product

    I cant go back tothe usual plasticky unbreathable pads anymore. Im a blood supporter for life