Hi. We’re Blood,
the period company.

And to us, periods are deeply personal.

That’s why we’re obsessed with creating products we want to see in the world, and for ourselves.

We've got lofty period dreams, and we're bringing them to life. Because with the right period care, you unlock period bliss – and bridge the gap between period days, good days, and all that’s in between.

Today was good. Tomorrow will bleed better.
Here's to being in your element – all cycle long.

How do we help you uncover a better period?

Easy-to-use design

Period downtime is hard enough. Period care should be a no-brainer.

Inspired by real people and real period problems, our products are centered around simple and accessible design that get stress, mess, and distress out of the way. 

Grounded in all things good

Everyday, we’re exposed to products that do more harm than good – it’s time to change that.

When it comes to essentials as personal as period care, we believe you deserve products that are effective, backed by science, and always good for you.  

A world of difference

Cramps are the most painful period problem. Literally. But periods don’t stop for pandemics or bad days.

For every purchase you make, we provide 12 hours of drug-free cramp relief to a cramper who needs it.

So feel good, do good – and help to make a world of difference for others who bleed.   

How did it all start?
Meet the founders

As a fellow cramper, my periods never went by without intense pain and downtime. I was tired of life having to take a backseat; it seemed that I was always compromising on things that I'd normally be able to accomplish. To me, just getting by wasn't enough.

Not wanting to rely on pink pills every month, I began asking myself if there were better alternatives. Real solutions that were good for the body, yet effective so that we can continue to pursue the things we love even on period days. This led me to seek fresh ways to tackle this age-old problem that many of us have accepted as the norm.

Taking everything I knew about biomedical science, I teamed up with Caleb, a self-taught product engineer. Together we delved into years of research and design. And after multiple iterations and feedback from customers who'd love for us to succeed, we finally launched our game-changing pain relief that is drug-free, effective, and uniquely designed for women.

But we believe there's still much to discover in the realm of period care. And in our quest for better periods and better days, we're taking on periods like never before. So join us as we unravel all the possibilities that lie ahead for women everywhere - the journey has just begun.

- Peck, Co-founder

We're all glad you're here

Peck Ying, aka Peck

Co-founder, Growth & Product

Fun fact: She can spot a pixel difference. Her superpower also known as "peck-xle" eyes.

Dream Vaycay: Travel hop all the quirky Airbnbs


Co-founder, Business & Product

Fun fact: Tried assembling his first PC at 12, complete with 3½ inch floppy drive.

Dream Vaycay: Any road-trip with snow-capped mountains and orange skies, like New Zealand State Highway 94 at dusk.


Social Growth

Fun fact: She's a strong believer that good food = good mood

Dream Vaycay: Road trippin' in Australia

Fang Sin, aka Fang

Design, Visual & Brand

Fun fact: 🏜️ She's solar-powered 🏖️🌸✨

Dream Vaycay: At the beach / Vegetable fruit farms / Volunteering at animal sanctuaries

Jason Choo, aka Tech Doraemon

Engineering, Lead

Fun fact: He's participated in over 50 hackathons around the world

Dream Vaycay: To attend the biggest tech conferences in the world

Jason Teo, aka JT


Fun fact: He has eyelashes as long as 1cm

Dream Vaycay: Road trip around Hokkaido

Julyn, aka Crazy J


Fun fact: Completed a 10k Mass Blind Run without training 😂

Dream Vaycay: Hiking in Japan

Titus, aka TT

Ecommerce Growth

Fun fact: Legend has it that as a kid he once rolled a trolley around the house while making different sound effects & role-playing as a bus driver.

Dream Vaycay: Backpacking to different corners of the globe, appreciating the untouched side of the world


Growth & Brand Comms

Fun fact: A real sucker for scents, she has an eternal soft spot for essential oils, candles & diffusers 🍃

Dream Vaycay: Japan or New Zealand road trippin' for the beautiful landscapes, starry nights, vineyards, and breweries!

Philip, aka Ah Ning


Fun fact: He doesn’t mind having Sarawak Kolok Mee for breakfast. Every. Single. Day.

Dream Vaycay: Japan


Retail Growth

Fun fact: "Good food, good mood"

Dream Vaycay: Japan, middle east



Dream Vaycay: Solo travel to my dream destination



Fun fact: She has sensitive hearing for all kinds of sounds, like droplets of water, or the noise of something that fell outside the house.

Dream Vaycay: South Korea, Japan, and Visiting Art Book Fair & Design Week in all countries.



Fun fact: She's an old soul ✨

Dream Vaycay: Japan / Visiting all the Harry Potter world & sites in UK

Derek, aka Mario

Sales Growth

Fun fact: Can't resist sweet stuffs

Dream Vaycay: Japan


Social & Influencer Growth

Fun fact: She finds it hard to move on from a sad-romantic Korean Drama.

Dream Vaycay: Working remotely (or not) from Bali for a year!

Aldrich, aka Al

Social & Influencer Growth

Fun fact: Has tried almost all possible colours on his hair before

Dream Vaycay: Visiting all countries in Asia!


Digital Marketing Growth

Fun fact: Cut his own hair since High School until the age of 30.

Dream Vaycay: Turkey

Deannisa, aka Denis

Customer Happiness

Fun fact: A real F.R.I.E.N.D.S nerd

Dream Vaycay: A camper van trip throughout Switzerland

Hazel, aka Haze

Supply Chain & Ops

Fun fact: Likes to name inanimate objects she owns. The cooking pans in her house are called Pan Pan, Panny, Panda and Panguin.

Dream Vaycay: Paragliding across the northern lights in Scandinavia

Danial, aka Dan

Design, UI/UX

Fun fact: Avid Pokemon fan/collector

Dream Vaycay: Exploring South Korea and Japan with a bottomless wallet


Retail Growth

Dream Vaycay: New Zealand, and also Europe or Japan.


Growth Marketing

Fun fact: Eats dark chocolate everyday, sometimes even cake for breakfast. Covers best vegetarian food in Singapore on IG. Makes her toddler eat everything from Ramen to Rataouille

Dream Vaycay: Turkey

Ajay, aka Aj


Fun fact: Can stay in silence for 2 weeks

Dream Vaycay: Cycle the whole Himalayan range



Fun fact: Once drove for 600km as a new driver

Dream Vaycay: Yakutsk in Russia. It's really really cold there.

Yuiko, aka yuiks

User Experience

Fun fact: Built her portfolio on Webflow without any knowledge of coding wohoo! #thankyouyoutube

Dream Vaycay: Iceland or Bora Bora