Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
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Overnight 50cm Panty Pads

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What it is:
Overnight pads made with 100% corn topsheet - providing 360° protection.

Why it's special: 
A dream team combination of an overnight pad that's shaped like underwear. Our curve-hugging fit ensures total 360° protection, locking in leaks for maximum absorption and comfort through the night, ensuring you a worry-free sleep. Featured with corn layer that’s naturally skin-friendly and antibacterial.
  • Worry-free sleep at night
  • 3X more absorbent
  • Comfortable on skin
  • Biodegradable & planet-friendly topsheet

Panty Pads Sizing Chart

Panty Pads Sizing Chart

360° leak-free protection

Hugging every curve for an all-round coverage against leaks, allowing you to toss and turn, sleep well, dream on with ultimate comfort and security

3X more absorbent

Designed to absorb 3X more powerfully than cotton. Boosted with our anti-leak Gushdry™ Japanese core, you get maximum security and peace of mind no matter how heavy your flow is

Comfortable on skin

 Using our signature corn topsheet, it is designed to provide premium comfort that feels so good, you'll forget you're even wearing it. Soft on your skin, yet strong on any flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine a pad that snugly wraps around you without any fuss or mess, and best of all, never moving out of place. It’s now a reality, with our Overnight 50cm Panty Pads that are the ultimate pairing of both pad and panty in one super absorbent combo! They're to be worn just like your regular underwear, but are designed to handle heavy flows. With all-round coverage, you can now toss, turn, and dream all night long without thoughts of leaks keeping you up!

Wear our Overnight 50cm Panty Pads the same way you’d pull on your regular underwear. With a super absorbent core, you’ll just need one piece per night. For more details, look out further instructions on our packaging. 

Our Overnight 50cm Panty Pads are designed for heavy flow nights for ultimate convenience and comfort. But really, it’s up to you! You may want to use a combination of panty pads and your favourite period product throughout your cycle, switching them up depending on your flow and needs. Alternatively, you may prefer to use our panty pads everyday of your period for maximum peace of mind.

Our panty pads are pH balanced, and come without any prints or scents. They have a pH of 5-6, matching the ideal pH of healthy skin. This allows your body to not only maintain its own pH balance through natural processes, but also its defenses against most harmful bacteria – which helps to reduce the probability of yeast infections!

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Gladys T.
Great product

Really keeps me leak free through the night. Can contain a lot!

No More Leaks!

I purchased the Panty Pads a few weeks back after being hesitant for a while as I wasn't sure if I could fit in the panty. I gave it a try and although it was a little tight at the hips but it fit alright. I used to be very worried that I would stain the sheets at night especially on my super heavy nights. Having tried the panty pads which came just a couple of days before I was on my first period day, I tried it and I am pleased to say that no matter how heavy the flow was, how I toss and turn at night, there was NO MORE LEAKS!! I am so happy with the purchase! Well done Blood!

Rachel Neo
Nice and Comfortable

Nice and Comfortable to wear, better sleep throughout the night, no more worry.

Panty Pads

Good absorbency, felt confident that there will be no leaks when I sleep

Panty pad

Best coverage and no worries of leakage while sleeping. It is also great for the skin as I have sensitive skin. Love it!

Best pads I've used

I usually have heavy periods and this is by far the best pads I've used as I haven't had any leakage. Doesn't have any smell, doesn't leave any sticky marks from the adhesive on the pads. Doesn't make my skin itch especially after overnight use.

Stephanie Lee
Loving it

Thanks for creating the L/XL sizes. Really a lovely saver for me from cleaning nightmare when overflow. The panty provides me a sense of security to sleep soundly during my menses. Used to worry non stop when I might overflow! Thank you!

T. Tania

Overnight 50cm Panty Pads