Award-winning menstrual cramp relief heat patch that soothes cramps with no drugs, no side effects.
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MenstruHeat is the ultimate menstrual essential, made to provide natural, all-day relief! Designed to heat up within 5 minutes, it reduces menstrual cramps by delivering optimum heat therapy to promote blood flow and relax uterine muscles. Easy to use, odourless, and discreet – say goodbye to period pain, and warm your way to period bliss!

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Lim

Really like it and it's a life-saver

Yean Yun Lee


really effective and han

Have been using these heat packs for a long time and these are really effective and handy. They heat up pretty fast and last for almost a day.

very pleased

just received my package 1.5 days from ordering!

Very effective!

Favourite heating pad to use during my first day of period when I have cramps!!

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Remove from packaging

Easy to use and convenient, MenstruHeat heats up within 5 minutes once exposed to air. A working patch should be soft – contact us if yours isn’t.

Stick it on

Adhere to your underwear and let warming relief take over! Remove every hour to let your skin rest for 5 minutes, before sticking it back on.

Go forth, worry-free

Perfect for grab-and-go use, MenstruHeat discreetly soothes cramps and lets you get on with your day with comfort that you can rely on.


Naturally Powerful Period Rescue

Combining clinically-proven heat therapy and thoughtful design, MenstruHeat instantly warms up to therapeutic heat that soothes pain by relaxing the muscles of your uterus – aka the culprit behind cramps! Other ways that heat works wonders? It boosts blood circulation to reduce pain, and stimulates sensory receptors to block pain signals. Here’s to natural relief that targets period pain at the source!


Don’t Worry, Bleed Happy

MenstruHeat is the ultimate drug-free way to an easier, better period. Containing a well-formulated mix of iron, carbon, and salt, this air-activated natural solution starts emitting optimum heat within minutes – relaxing your muscles and providing maximum relief for up to 12 hours. A true period essential made with higher standards, MenstruHeat promises peak performance while keeping things safe, simple, and effective – so you have one less thing to worry about.


Your Period, Your Way

Modern times call for progressive care, so it’s no surprise you need an upgrade to your period routine! No more stress and mess of period prep, soothe your cramps without ever having to deal with hot water bottle spills or plugged-in heating pads again. Ergonomically shaped, MenstruHeat patches flexibly contour to natural stomach curves for all-round comfort and even distribution where and when you need it the most. From your bedroom to the boardroom, our wearable and discreet patches are ready when you are! Trusty, not bulky – and purposefully designed to help you get through your period (and life) with no strings attached. 

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