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Size Purchased: M
Fit: Perfect
Hip Size: 37"
Good fit and comfortable

Comfortable and fits well. Fits more securely than Uniqlo cotton underwear and you can feel the end of the gusset because it's longer, but that's okay for me. Also feels light and dry, and provides more peace of mind because of the gusset. Wearing Uniqlo size M, also wearing M for this.

Size Purchased: L
Fit: Runs Small
Hip Size: 117.5
A fan for life!

It's not like those kind of period underwears. It's more like if you wear pads, tampons or cup and you accidentally leak so the period underwear will save you and your clothes rather than those days, it will leak through your underwear and stain your clothes.

Sometimes I'll leak because I forget to check whenever my period comes. Anyways whenever I cough or sneeze, I'll accidentally... Ya know... Pee a little? I wore the bamboo black underwear and OMG, it feels like heaven. It felt so comfortable.

Coincidentally the next day, I had spotting so that means my period is coming the next few day, so like it saved my life, I swear!

Afterwards, I coughed due to the weird weather lately, I accidentally peed... I stood up and check that the chair isn't damp so I went to the washroom and realised that it only soak the first piece of cloth? It didn't soaked through the underwear!

So basically, all I'm saying is that, i would definitely purchase this again!

Size Purchased: XL
Fit: Perfect
Hip Size: 99cm
Blood's Leak-Proof Bamboo Undies

Material is very comfy, thin and breathable! It’s like any good quality underwear, but with the added security to prevent stains/leakages. Personally found it useful to wear it the few days before my period arrives as my period tends to differ by a few days every month (and hence unpredictable!)

Size Purchased: L
Fit: Perfect
Hip Size: 101cm

I was sent a pair of Leakproof Bamboo Underwear by the lovely folks over at BloodSG for review! The selling point of these is that they stop the leaks you sometimes get while using products such as menstrual cups, pads, and tampons. They can also be worn as everyday underwear.

Packaging: It comes in a resealable, reusable, biodegradable pouch. It's packed flat so you could easily toss it in your bag for when your period takes you by surprise while you're out (we've all had those!).

Colour/Looks: I was sent a pair in a shade called Sandcastle, which is completely beige except for the black waterproof lining. I like that I can wear these under light coloured dresses and bottoms (if I ever feel brave enough to do that on my period, of course!). And the black waterproof layer means no bloodstains. It's plain except for a fashionable diagonal strip of mesh in front - no lace or anything.

Size and fit: According to the size chart, I'm an XL, but I opted for L instead because I prefer a snugger fit when it comes to period underwear. My hips are UK14-16 depending on the cut and I probably would have been fine with either L or XL. For those who get bad bloating on your period, you should probably go for your usual size so you don't feel too constricted. It rises higher and covers more of your bum than a regular bikini brief. I prefer more coverage when I'm on my period, so that's a plus for me. Overall, it's a gender neutral style, so these could be worn comfortably by anyone who menstruates.

Comfort: Omg, you guys. Bamboo is the way to go. Light, soft, moisture wicking...what more could you ask for in Singapore's weather? I wore these around on a hot day and didn't get that humid feeling you sometimes get. 🤢 Compared to some other leakproof and period underwear I have tried, the seams on these are comfortable, and the waterproof layer is still as soft as the rest of the garment.

Waterproofing: Full disclosure, I haven't worn these yet on my actual period, but I've worn it to catch the discharge I sometimes get in the week or so leading up to my next cycle. I had no complaint about that and I'm looking forward to wearing it with my menstrual cup.

Overall: Super soft and comfortable, these are exactly as advertised. I highly recommend these and would love to get a few more pairs for myself! 🥰

Size Purchased: XL
Fit: Runs Large
Hip Size: Not too sure
All about being comfy

Is really good. Light and comfortable! Tried many different types of period panties and this is so far the best i would say!

Hipkini Bamboo Underwear
Miraashini Thiyagaraja
Size Purchased: XL
Fit: Perfect
Hip Size: 110

I loveeeeee the material and the hand written note… I value things that comes from heart and one of it is hand written notes or letter. I felt special and thank you sooo much team blood.. I haven’t start using it yet because I just got them today. Thank you again

Size Purchased: XL
Fit: Runs Small
Hip Size: 107cm
Lovely Underwear!

The underwear is soft and breathable, and looks good! I got XL, which is the largest size, and it was still a touch too small for me (I prefer my undies not to dig in at all into my hips). Nonetheless I would recommend it!

Really helps to soothe my cramps

A friend bought the heat pads for me as part of a care package and I’ve stopped having to rely on pills for my cramps ever since!

The heat pad works best for me when I sleep with it on the night of my first day… this soothes my cramps throughout the night and enables me to wake up cramp free. I love that the heat pad stays warm for up to 9hours so I am able to use it again after my morning shower as I start my new day!

Emily Lim

Really like it and it's a life-saver

Blood Cup Kit

I have been researching on menstrual cup for a few months and finally took the leap to purchase one cos I was so fed up with purchasing pad every month (mainly price wise). I feel totally nothing when inserted, I almost forgot that I was on my period. This is the best switch ever and I am never going back to the pad life!!
The 120 days free return was also very assuring. And the customer service was 💯 too.
Try it for yourself girls, no regrets!!!

Yean Yun Lee


Pain Relief Heat Patches Singles (1 pcs/packet)


It took me 2 days to learn insert & remove. I no longer using pad & love love love menstrual cup. Will get another 1 as a spare.

MenstruHeat (Trial)
Tiffany Lim
Lifesaver for cramps

My first sponsored MenstruHeat patch is actually from sister, 3 years ago. Because she had enough of me whining every.single.time I've period cramp.

What I like about @get.blood menstrual Cramp Relief is how convenient it is! It stays warm for up to 12 hours and you don't have to hold it like a hot water bag. I usually stick it onto my tucked-in shirt, so it will be snuggling warm.

Highly recommend it if you often experience period cramps, or your girlfriend has it! Imagine you give her this when she is having the cramp torture, she'll definitely look at you like this

Blood Cup Kit
Brenda W
Glad I got it!

As a prior menstrual cup user, I was looking for a cup that was readily available in drugstores. Thankfully blood's menstrual cup was. I had decided to get a new cup as I felt that maybe having 2 would be better in terms of flood management, leakages etc.

Turns out that blood's menstrual cup was perfect for me as it was a smaller cup and sat better around my cervix, minimising leaks. Would still recommend to wear a pad on heavy flow days!

Blood Cup Kit
Siti Suhaila
Menstrual Cup Convert

Frankly,it took me many years to try the menstrual cup. How many years you might be wondering? More than a decade! I was ready but it took a Singaporean brand to make me buy it. Haha! Blood made it easier to purchase as I don't need to decide between sizes or shapes. Since its made in Singapore,obviously it fits our Miss V. Anyways,my only concern is the insertion. Like the rest of them,it needs some getting used to and being comfortable with your own body. At first it was uncomfy. So I took it out and re-insert. Got some leaks here and there and finally the following days was like "Im the boss!". No more pantiliners not even undies. FREEDOM! 😁 Never felt so liberated with regards to period. Thank you Blood for producing this in Singapore and thanks for making it available in the Pharmacy👍🥰 By the way,can consider producing the menstrual cup soap too? Teehee 😁 Bravo Team Blood.


Have bought this for my wife for a year at least, wifey says it is simple and hassle free to use.

Great as always.

Useful when period cramps hit.


Impressed with the super fast delivery! Been using this for a while to relief pain during menses.

MenstruHeat (Trial)
Yet to try it!

Items came very quickly, have yet to try it but was told that it is very effective.

MenstruHeat (Trial)
Received this within 2 days!

Yet to try but I believe it’s good. Can’t wait *.*

Delivery was super fast.

Had a good experience with this product previously thus I decided to buy it again.

Always purchasing from them

their heatpad is good. Delivered within 3 days awesome!!

Very long term customer 😊

Bought to top up my depleted supply. Been a faithful customer for many years. These are lifesavers to combat the dreadful cramps. Arrived under 2 working days. 😊 Thank you.

my gf loves them!

Received the heat pads and my gf loves them. Got the pads on a good deal.