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ultra thin corn pads

really is very dry and comfy. worth trying!

ultra thin corn liners

comfortable. doesn't bunch up!

Stella Seah


Been a regular!

Have been getting Blood’s product for a long time and can’t stop recommending this to friends. Really like how it’s eco-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin! Really cute packaging too

Overnight 50cm Panty Pads

Overnight 50cm Panty Pads

My go-to night panties for heavy flow days

I always get super heavy flow the first 3 nights so I wear this religiously during those nights so that I don't stain my bed! It's comfortable and super absorbent!

Amazing product!

Ever since I discovered the panty pads, I have never looked back. Its so convenient than wearing a pad! Thank you for the amazing product!

Ultra-thin Corn Pads

Overnight 50cm Panty Pads

Glad to support a Singaporean brand

To be fair, I'm a long time cup user so it's a lot easier for me to use and get over the initial ick feeling.

What I really liked was that it came in its own silicon pouch that's pretty cute and less "basic" compared to putting it in a ziploc bag.

What I thought was cool but also "ummm" is that you actually have to fold the cup to remove it from the packaging. I was tugging and tugging it and then it occured to me that it was a way to teach me to use it. D'oh! Maybe a little note [if it was there, please make it bigger or something :D) would help folks figure that out.

Overall, great experience, fast delivery and love supporting a local brand.

Blood Convert

I’ve slowly converted my entire pad stash into a Blood stash over the past months 🤭 I’m now using all the different pad sizes throughout my cycle. I really feel the difference from other brands in terms of breathability and comfort, which is so important especially during a time of discomfort.

Only gripe is a lack of visual differentiation between pad sizes! For users like me who like to take them out of the packaging and organise them, I sometimes pick out the wrong size because the packaging is all the same. Hope there would be some sort of colour coding or wording to represent the different sizes in future product development!

Delivery a bit late but finally received

Have yet try, will feed back after use

Ultra-thin Corn Pads
See Toh Grace
amazing products

started using the heat pads since ages ago, and just recently tried the corn pads; they are truly amazing. so comfortable and absorbent! love the inspiring packaging too. u guys make periods a little less of a pain in the ass. thank you, team! ❤️

Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Priscilla George

Its been great since I switched to the corn pads and liners. They dont have any side effects of itching and discomfort. Definitely better than the big brands out there! Thanks for being a life saver!

Comfort is the keyword

First attempt was the sample. Thereafter, I fall in love with the corn pad. It leaves me clean and dry whenever I am on my period. Have been recommending to friends around me this specific brand!



Chill Time Gift Set
astrid suantio
great product

gentle pad does not cause rash

Makes Period Phase Comfier

blood's corn pads are sticks really well onto my underwear - and the design of the pad is such that it supports the butt area as well so it doesn't leak there too! feels comfy and absorbs well.

Best pantyliners ever purchased

Tried many brands of panty liners and they always gave very bad rashes. So far, this brand has not given me any issues. Will definitely repurchase!

Corn Pads: work

The corn pads really feel very dry and do not spread. I have also stopped getting rashes after switching over to the corn pads.

Great BLOOD Absorption

BLOOD has a unique GushDry technology, it absorbs very quickly leaving you feeling dry and lesser spreading throughout the pad.

Overnight 50cm Panty Pads
Murnira Sulaiman

Overnight 50cm Panty Pads

Comfortable, hypoallergenic & lessen unpleasant smells!

I bought these pads on a whim, kinda desperate to try an alternative since most other mainstream brands don’t really work for my sensitive skin. Now, I’ve been using these pads for 3 months - I noticed that my skin is not irritated, I feel fresher on heavy flow days and it’s quite thin, so it gives that “barely there” feeling. I’m a total convert now! Try it for yourself!

Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Belinda Ariffin
Everything I bought, I loved.

From the pads, to the pantyliner, to the heat packs. Everything works well for me and I'll definitely be repurchasing everything!