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Ultra-thin Corn Pads


Highly recommended!

I have tried it a few times and really glad I've made the purchase. It is very convenient and comfortable. Truly worry-free nights!

Ashok K.
Fast delivery

Fast Shipping and packed nicely


I’ve used a different type of menstrual cup and this time I’m using blood. The material is softer and easy to use. The silicone bag comes in handy too!

Extremely comfy and convenient!

Glad I took a gamble and stock up on the overnight panty pants for my upcoming 6-month overseas trip. Tried it for the first time and was majorly satisfied with its comfort, convenience, quality and the price. Will definitely repurchase again when I’m running out. Thank you for making such a good product.

The superior quality of blood pads

No leakage and gentle on my skin. Perfect. Cant thank the team enough. Just hope got more pieces per pack next time

So breathable and light!

The other brand I was using causes itchiness and eventually lead to UTI. Tried corn panty liner and the pad, its really gentle. I'm impressed.

Auny M.
Love ❤️

Definitely recommended

By far the best!

Totally dry, thin, airy pad - best I have ever used. Also fewer pads used per cycle comparatively.

Overnight 50cm Panty Pads

Ultra-thin Corn Pads
Annie L.P.C.

very good quality

Blood panty liners

Best liner ever used, no more skin allergy or itchiness. Only feedback is may tear at the back after long hours of usage.

Ultra-thin Corn Pads

Ultra-thin Corn Liners

Ultra Thin Corn Pads Review

When i first try blood thin pads i was so amused because it is so absorbant despite it being so thin! And i usually wear extra safety pants with other pads because im scared of leakage and discomfort but with blood pads, i do not even have to do that because its so comfortable. Best part is you wont even feel sticky or sweaty :))

Good absorbency

It's thin and holds well onto the underwear

Overnight Panty Pads

Extremely comfortable and non-irritating. Whether you'll just need one piece per night is highly subject to individual flow, especially for those with menstrual disorders.


I’m always stocking up whenever there is a good deal. Relocating to states soon and I can’t bear the thought of not having access to your pads over there! Comfortable and absorbent! Please have more sales!

good product - thin, absorbent and comfortable. this is my third time buying.

Overnight Panty Pads - Comfortable, Absorbent and Secure.

Been using it for half a year during super heavy flow nights & days. Material is breathable, non sticky and doesn't make you feel too warm down there like the cotton ones do. Comfortable to be worn while going out too. Feel more secure not having to constantly worry about overflow.

Ultra-thin Corn Liners

Ultra-thin Corn Liners

Comfy and leak free


Ultra-thin Corn Pads