Oh, what a relief

Meet NeckHeat

Intuitively-designed targeted relief that relaxes stiff necks and sore muscles

Heats up in 5 minutes
Relief you can count on

Pain calls for the ultimate need for speed. Powered by our patent-pending RealHeat technology, our patches heat up in just 5 minutes. No more waiting around.

How does heat help to relieve pain?

Heat stimulates sensory receptors to block transmissions of pain signals to the brain

Heat increases tissue elasticity, reducing muscle tension and relaxing painful knots

Heat dilates vessels and increases blood flow to aching area, bringing more oxygen and nutrients there to heal damaged tissues

Why choose NeckHeat

Heats up in the time it takes to grab your morning coffee
12 hours of relief = all-day comfort
100% drug-free. Your body deserves better
No side effects
No odour

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