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Everyone deserves a better period.

Pass the Relief

Cramps are the most painful period problem around the world, yet they often get swept under the rug. Every time you shop with Blood, you play a part in providing 12 hours of drug-free cramp relief to a cramper who needs it.

Opening Doors to Opportunities

We believe that proper period care plays an important role in improving overall well-being, and normalising menstruation and its effects on the body. 

Together with our partner NGOs (and your support!), our giveback initiative provides access to safe, effective and drug-free pain relief to all who bleed. By paying it forward, you help to bring them comfort, elevate them to reach their full potential, and ultimately, make periods better and easier for all.

Our Partner NGOs


Bali WISE empowers marginalized women through skills education as a means to develop sustainable communities. In Bali’s tourism-driven economy, less-educated women often fall through the cracks; and for families living in poverty, priority is commonly given to education for boys. Without skills, women rarely find a path out of poverty and may find themselves at-risk for exploitation and trafficking. Students in the Bali WISE program achieve both classroom and practical experience in their training, and about 90% find skilled, sustainable employment in the hospitality sector after graduation.

empowHER India

With a vision to empower women and girls in villages to live a life with dignity and equality, empowHER India's Adolescent Girls Program was set up to support rural adolescent girls who are rarely given an opportunity to develop due to issues such as irregular menstruation, early pregnancy, early marriage, and violence. Through this program, empowHER India ensures that sensitive topics are effectively delivered to the girls, positively impacts them to face life’s challenges with confidence, and combat social evils like gender inequality.


Susters4Life, a South African NGO dedicated to empowering and uplifting women, was founded by the four Thompson sisters: Lesley, Reneé, Toni and Nashreen. Their journey began with ad-hoc projects in Worcester and Laingsburg, where poverty and abuse of women and children are pervasive, and has since expanded to other communities in the region. Their work primarily focuses on helping women to develop entrepreneurial skills, capacity building, advocating for gender equality and parity, and women’s rights.

The Heather Anne Project

Serving the Vrygrond community in the Western Cape, The Heather Anne Project provides young girls and women with period products that help them to continue with school and life. Limited financial resources have led to unfortunate consequences where many don’t have access to basic period care, leading them to be sent home from school. Its vision is to create a safe space for women to discuss or seek guidance, so that periods and women’s health are no longer seen as taboo topics in their community.

Your impact

Join hands and hearts with women who #choosetochallenge the status quo, and help us to put some good in the world!