pslove is now Blood

Welcome to a new dawn for period care.

We’ve always been fighting the good fight for all who are affected by periods, in ways both big and small. And as we move forward, we’ve gotten greater clarity in our quest. It's time our brand reflects that.

But it’s more than just a new paint job. Hush-hush period days are a thing of the past. We believe the change needs to come from within.

A greater calling, calls for a greater name.

Renaming ourselves to Blood lets us better share and include you in all that we stand for – that better days and endless possibilities await us all.

Because where there's blood, there's life. And where there's life, there's much to be discovered.

New look, same us

Underneath this glow up is the same relief that you know and love, because what's inside matters.

But along with it comes an even greater commitment to bring you game-changing products – for periods and beyond.

A new way to bleed

Worn like a tampon, collects like a cup. Say hello to your period upgrade, or what we like to call – our little menstrual marvel.